Hey y’all!

I have good news/bad news to impart today from Snowheresville (where we just had a June snowstorm—what a crazy weather year!).

Let’s get the bad news over first.

For those of you that are devotees of ebook vendors other than Amazon Kindle, I am sorry to announce that financial pressures are making it impossible for me to continue wide distribution of my ebooks. {What a huge bummer!!!}

Starting in early July, ebooks of my fiction will be available only through Amazon Kindle. During a time period of a few short years when author income has fallen by more than 50% due to changes in the industry, I am no exception. It seems the more books I sell, the more it costs. My choice has become simple: quit writing/publishing or try a different method. Isn’t it crazy to hear that from a USA Today bestseller whose writing/publishing success enabled her to quit her job as a lawyer (before the advent of Kindle Unlimited)? But it’s the reality.

Click the image to listen to the podcast of my conversation with the super-interesting Barbara Bourland (whose parents live in Montana, so we had a nice “off air” chat).

So, the good news is that if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, my fiction will be available there soon. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s an “all you can read” ebook subscription service on Amazon, like a Netflix for books.

And, if you don’t subscribe, my fiction will all still be available to purchase. Even if you have an iPad or Nook or some other non-Kindle device, fear not. You can read the ebooks via free Kindle apps that can be loaded on just about any device under the sun, moon, and stars, HERE. {And the other good news, I think, is that I’m going to keep writing.}

Those of you that were waiting to get my novels on Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, or Google Play, I advise you not to wait any longer. Same goes for anyone who was considering a direct purchase of the MEGA Box Set from me to catch up on your backlist, which you can do HERE (https://pamelafaganhutchins.com/thank-you/)  (readable on any devices/apps). We will be transitioning the fiction soon.

If you simply hate buying from Amazon, you can ask your local library to order the books or audiobooks for you. Most will do that.

And, finally, for those of you that want to have a more direct impact on making sure I can continue to write my What Doesn’t Kill You series and other fiction—and who love getting exclusive extra stuff—please consider becoming a Patron for as little as $1 per month, HERE (https://www.patreon.com/pamelafaganhutchins).

Thanks for subscribing to my blog and weathering the bumps and storms with me. I appreciate you greatly. Don’t forget to comment or email bobbye at skipjackpublishing dot com if you’d like codes to download my audio books free. I do ask that you leave an honest review after your listen. <3

Next up: my readers are coming! My readers are coming! June 17-22, I am hosting my first ever Reader Appreciation Retreat, where four winning readers will join Eric and me in Snowheresville for nothing but fun!!! And, yep, that’s next week. Squee!

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