What a week! The winners of the readers appreciation retreat week contest came to town. Eric and I are exhausted but elated with how much fun it was and how everyone in the group seemed to gel. New friends for life! Some of the retreaters were people I’ve known online for years but only just now met IRL, too, so that was very cool. We started the week off with a video cast interview of Denise Grover Swank. You can watch it or listen to it, HERE. Didn’t Kiersten and Vicki do great questioning her?

Georgia and Petey got tons of lovin’, including from Eric, who was on vacation to play with us the whole week.

Author Kiersten Marquet came early to help me prep. She and I got drenched on some great walks, and she rode our sweet Feathers.

While everyone arrived safely, we did learn that Ridgely got a lot of attention in Denver from TSA when her crotch lit up like neon on their scanner. They never could figure out what the deal was, leaving her wondering about an old college IUD, LOL.

Moose spotting was a big hit, as was Shell Falls, Medicine Wheel, shopping in Sheridan, the bluegrass jam at the Occidental Hotel & Saloon, and, of course, Koltiska Distillery. Here we are at the Jam:

Moosewatching (OK, that’s Eric and me, but he looks so cute). All told, we saw nearly 60 over 2 days. Hundreds of elk and pronghorn. Thousands of deer. And oh, all those babies. Babies, babies everywhere! We did not see a bear, but there was one down by my parents’ house.

My Kitty Kat ate a lot of treats and apples.

We drove to the Montana state line just to say we did, since a few in the group had never been there. Okay, since half the group had never been there.

Here we are on the last night, in the distillery itself. I think we sampled just about every type of drink the bar at the distillery offered. We learned I suck at shuffleboard. Oh! And on the way there, I got pulled over for “speeding,” but we think it was because my skirt was caught in the door and flapping in the breeze. (Embarrassing!)

After everyone left, we drove home and saw this:

Yep, that’s a full grown mountain lion beside our road. Right where Kiersten and I hiked.

And, finally, we were all relieved to know that even though Ridgely’s crotch lit up like neon again the Denver airport, she made it home without further mishap.

Next year, you really should enter…



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