Recently life gave my family a big fat lemon. I’m sure that before long I’ll share a little about it, but for now, it’s a private pain for which we gratefully accept prayers. But, as a result, Eric and I are packing up next week and moving into my parents’ barn apartment (it’s shockingly cute) for the time being. Togetherness is in order! If you want to hear me talk around the subject (and sing off key), here you go.

For those keeping up with the saga of “will Pamela ever write again, and, if so, will she just finish one of the three novels she’s started writing?” — I HAVE AN UPDATE. When tough stuff happens, most of us want to help the ones we love. And often there’s not much we can do but love and cook and clean and things like that. But since I have to write a novel anyway (because it’s my job, and I have a deadline), I’ve decided to write one starring my parents and brother and me in a Western Thriller set in 1976 in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. The story is 100% made up, but I’m having a lot of fun keeping the characters close-to-real and weaving in every delightful quirky detail I can remember of our Wyoming lives. It will be in four points of view, but the primary protagonist/hero will be my dad. The outline is very nearly done (I’ve never written a Western thriller before, and I find outlines help me write better and faster), and I’m going to start working with a cover artist soon while I draft it.

Here’s your sneak peek, a rough draft of the dedication:

For my dad, who gave me all my best traits and a few of my others. You have always been my hero, Papasan—totally book worthy!—and I love you.

The working title is SWITCHBACK. At this point, it’s a standalone.I think I can probably throw Evangeline and Henry Sibley somewhere in the story, though, to give it a tie to the What Doesn’t Kill You gang.

Speaking of What Doesn’t Kill You…we’re one week out from the release of BUCKLE BUNNY. I’m going to be honest: I love BUCKLE BUNNY. Eric thinks Maggie is delightful in it, but I think she’s pretty much a train wreck beeyatch, which is probably why I love the book. I hope you love it too. In my “wide distribution swan song” you’ll be able to get it everywhere online for one day, then exclusively on Amazon.

We are one week into this Amazon ebook exclusivity deal, and I had expected to make zero-money for a few months, but it looks very promising, actually.

That’s my kind of bar graph. May it continue to climb!

Let’s end on happy animal pics from this week, shall we?

spoiled girl sleeping in her teddy bear chair


spoiled girl riding in the rubicon (sorry dad!) to go get pizza with me



but after spoiled girl chased a fox for the 3rd time, she is now on a leash!!! we love foxes! georgia…just in a different way….petey the blind wonder led the way on our 5 mile, 3000 ft elevation gain walk


…and that includes on a leash in mama’s back porch office


kitty has been super huggy kissy with me, even sometimes choose to huff and “communicate” with me instead of eating. this was one of those “i’ve got you, here’s a horse hug” moments.


feathers hasn’t been doling out hugs and kisses, but he was very interested in Switchback today (yes, that’s iMessage open, but I have to chat with my husband who is in Dallas somehow!)



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