Overall, we were only  missing two daughters-in-law and one son (of ours) were overseas, but the rest of our beloveds gathered with my parents. for golf, horses, four-wheelers, cow feeding, and eating too much.

My dad, of course, schooled all the young-us on the golf course. Eric, “Thomas,” Dad, “J” and “the Bean.” But Eric won the biggest shorts award:

It may have been hot, but the gals are game to ride any time. “Susanne” on Molly, Dad on Reno, me on Katniss, and “the Bean” on Feathers.

And with the help of his long-suffering assistant chef, Eric cooked eggs Benedict for nine before church.

I wonder if I should have brushed my hair before this picture? (Nah….I’m all about keeping it real, even with a husband that CUTE). Me, Eric, “Marie,” Mom, Dad, “J”, “The Bean,” “Thomas,” and “Susanne.”

It was a lovely way to start our indefinite sojourn in Texas. As a stepmother, I cannot tell you how choked up I am every time I think about my three step offspring showing up and spending every second with my parents–they are such a wonderful tribute to their own parents, and they love their dad so much to honor his love for my parents and me. Plus, they love MY parents, duh, who doesn’t ;-). I like to think that most of the time they don’t want to kill me either, but I would want to if I was them, so . . . yeah, I’m pretty sure they barely tolerate me, LOL.

Now I am back to work on Switchback, and Eric is working in Big D.

Love to you all!

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