For your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of my “ride” in Dallas today. Hold me. It ain’t a city vehicle. We’re storing the Jeep in the apartment parking garage so I have to give Eric a ride back in the monster. And that’s because . . .

We are moving back to Wyoming this next weekend, and staying for two months. Yay! By then the highs will be in the low 70s there, the lows in the 50s, compared to our Texas places at still around 100-80. We can’t wait to squeeze in a little mountain time. Neither can the dogs or horses!

In other news, I got my beta feedback on SWITCHBACK (Eric is my one and only beta/story these days!) and had the weekend to think about any changes I want to make in the “sparkle pass.” I have decided to add one scene, but other than that, this book is pretty tight. Mostly word choice, culling, description, and adding, yep, sparkle. I will have written this book 100% in the DeLeon barn apartment and the Dallas apartment, even though it’s set in 1976 Wyoming.

Turning it in on time, publishing on time. Whew! Who’d a’thunk it was possible when I decided to change course July 1, with all the distractions, emotional and otherwise?

Thanks for all the feedback on what I should write next in my poll last week! I worked out a schedule this weekend after a consult with a strategist (he was awesome). I think in order for me to ever make any money *at all* I have to finish one trilogy before I can move on to the next. And we’ve decided that I CAN publish every other month (with every 4th publication a box set, which buys me time off.)

So even though my feisty, flinty Laura won the popularity contest, I am going to write Sawbones in Sept/Oct and Snake Oil in Nov/Dec. I think you’ll be surprised how much you like these books. I can’t help writing strong women, even in an homage to my strong father, and the female POVs make up half the book 😉 A few of you (3 to be exact) correctly identified my need to write what my heart tells me to, and my heart right now is with my father in his battle against metastatic cancer. I feel strongly about putting these three all in his hands, so he’ll be able to read how much I love him. In fact, the story in Switchback is, at its heart, about a family man who wages (and, of course, wins) a battle with the help of his family. It’s like “think positive-write-it-true,” ya know?

Then… Laura’s Blue Streak in Jan/Feb, Fast Company in Mar/Apr, and Double Time in May/June. (Yes, that’s a fast schedule, let’s see how I hold up–it will be okay if I can keep writing 75k word books instead of 110k word books!!!).

Then I’ll do Act 2, Act 3, and Encore, to complete a 4-part series of “ensembles” for What Doesn’t Kill You (I’ll rename those, and rename Act 1— and I’ll post requesting your for their titles suggestions next summer). This ensemble came in 3rd in the voting.

THEN Polarity, who came in 2nd in the voting, but, as a standalone, needs to come after I make a good, hard one-year effort at building momentum. Honestly, I can’t wait to write Polarity. I think it will be my 15th wedding anniversary gift to you-know-who.

I have two more trilogies on the schedule, but they’ll have to come after all of that.

Until next week, blessings,

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