It was a wonderful Labor Day weekend in Wyoming for Eric, my parents, and me.

  • Hiking with Dad—who is in chemo!— at 10,000 feet near Dome Mountain in Cloud Peak Wilderness.

  • Visiting Little Goose Falls with my parents, then Jeeping up to the Wilderness on a road we hadn’t tried before, discovering some new trails to check out.

  • ATVing to Walker Prairie and strolling along the West Fork of Big Goose Creek.
  • Turning SWITCHBACK in for copyedit.

  • Brainstorming SAWBONES with my sweetie.
  • Critiquing a wonderful manuscript of the next awesome book upcoming from Marcy McKay.

Now? I’m supposed to be doing the “beats” (outline) for SAWBONES. Gawd, it’s hard. Maybe worse than actual labor. 🙂 Either way, you end up with a baby (human or book), which makes it worth it.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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