Well, dear ones, I’m writing to you from back in Texas, where I was not yet supposed to be, but am, because that’s what happens when you have a perfectly good plan. Eric had work travel arise that left me alone in Wyoming, and driving back alone regardless. So I went ahead and drove back early, thinking I’d catch up with him and at least we’d be together. But his plans changed again. (I did sneak in a dinner with a sweet friend on the road, but OMG was I tired after a 13-hour drive starting at 4 am!)


The dogs are old pros at hotels and elevators.

A 5 am constitutional before day 2 of the drive.

And the day I got back (alone), Petey the beloved blind Boston terrier got bitten by a copperhead right in the throat, so he couldn’t swallow. A quick trip to the emergency room later, and I was settled in. I did get to do a hilarious videocast/podcast in a (somewhat) quiet house, see below. And Eric will return tomorrow.


Speaking of plans that don’t pan out, I didn’t get my outline done of SAWBONES yet. It’s Sept 11 and my first draft is supposed to be done Oct 1…I may be rewriting this plan as well. BUT I did pack up a house, clean it for rental guests, and drive for 2 days. Plus spend a marvelous two weekends with my family. I won’t complain. I’ll just feel a little stressed about deadlines and such.

On a more optimistic note, I got an email from Amazon that SAVING GRACE has been picked to be one of its upcoming Prime Reads. If that pans out, that will make me very happy. <3

Have a great week, all. Blessings,


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