Mountain lions in abundance — here’s a game cam picture from my parents porch one mile from our Snowheresville, Wyoming house.

Hello, friends. Ah, the timing of visiting Houston during Tropical Storm Imelda.

We kept it afloat, only to arrive in Dallas for more rain. But we aren’t complaining. Both of us had to work through the weekend, and there was no beautiful weather out to tempt us. As a result, we finished our work with time for daily gym visits, one college and one pro football game, and DATE NIGHT at Al Biernat’s in Dallas. I had the most handsome date in the place.

And the food? To.Die.For. Seriously, so good.

This week’s podcast is Houston, TX-based Lilas Taha. We talked about her book LOST IN THYME. It’s suspenseful, romantic, exotic, and contemporary, Give us a listen:

As for SNAKE OIL, I’m doing great! Here’s a sneak peek of the concept (rough draft) for the cover. What do you think? Left or right? Be specific now, so we can make the right changes.

I like the left, except that I like the vehicle on the right better, and the subtitle on the left is hard to read. But that’s just one woman’s opinion. And I encourage you to outvote me 🙂

First drafts always lack sparkle, hurt my head, and basically suck, but—setting that reality aside—I am due to be 40% of the way through today and I’m going to sail past that. My whole schedule is 5 days behind the original, but I’m doing great on the revised schedule. Might even finish on the 3rd or 4th.

Which is important, because SWITCHBACK is due from the copyeditor on October 1, and I’ll have some “bonus” work to do to get it ready and out of the inbox to proofreaders. I just got a new audiobook microphone, and I’ll start narrating SWITCHBACK in October too (GAWD, I’m going to be busy). Annnnnnnd, I am going to re-narrate the Maggie books, because Audible rejected them. Got some sound issues to fix. The new versions will be on the market by December.

Finally, a little joy to share. My dad’s original prognosis (metastasized prostate cancer) was really shit. But he got fantastic blood work results back last week, and, to quote him, “This means I won’t die in 2019.” He’s amazing, and we’re super pumped about how well his multi-faceted approach to treating and living with this cancer is going. Continued prayers are greatly appreciated!!!!!


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