I’ve worked like a dervish this week. Or whirled like one. In the end, it was the same thing.

But first, look at the adorable little time wasters we rescued…

They may not look like much yet, but these are snake killers in training, barn cats extraordinaire. Petey was bitten by another copperhead this week. Time to get those snakes away from the house! And barn, since that’s where Eric and I are living until next summer.

Did someone say kitties? And just like that, our youngest showed up to snuggle them for the weekend. And to ride Molly (the little red horse) with us.

As for the real time waster, work, well…

  1. I did 80 pages on my second pass through Snake Oil, and counting, on my daily goal of 20.
  2. I finished recording the Buckle Bunny box set and uploaded the audio for review.
  3. I traveled with Eric to Dallas and set up an in-apartment recording studio in his closet (sorry, honey), and tried to record part of Switchback there, only to run into sound issues that took three days to resolve (but resolve them I did, with the help of my sound expert–any new gray hair I attribute to audiobook narration). This may delay the audio release because the trips with Eric are not optional, as we struggle to stay connected during this time of crushing travel for him. It’s such a bummer when a perfectly good audio performance is unsalvageable. Been there, done that. Cross your fingers and toes, but it’s now looking good with only 3.5 lost days…
  4. And on Wednesday, I interviewed Daniela Petrova about her new psychological thriller, Her Daughter’s Mother. Listen or watch, here:

As I am getting ready for the release of Switchback, I am starting to think about the writing the stories behind the stories. As soon as I see the end in sight on Snake Oil, I’ll do it. For now, I’ll just continue to post these super boring updates about working hard, ha ha.

Sorry, but that’s all I’ve got. My brain is wasted this time. All creative-d out!


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