I’m running a special offer, my beloveds, to coincide with my new release in my new series. I’m pretty excited about it, actually. Here’s how it works? Sign-up or “level-up” on Patreon (a site where you can pledge to support your favorite artists) to a $3 monthly level, and remain signed up between now & 11/15/19, and remain through 2/28/20 or later, and I’ll send you an autographed copy of SWITCHBACK, my first Patrick Flint mystery**. Hit the link to see if this offer is for you: http://bit.ly/PFHRockStars (case sensitive)

Not only that, you’ll receive all your normal $3 monthly level benefits for as long as you remain a patron: all my new novels (e-book form) BEFORE anyone else gets them. That means you’ll get the ebook copy of SNAKE OIL in January 2020 (and SAWBONES in April 2020) and so on and so on and so on! I publish four books a year at a minimum. And you’ll get to-your-inbox delivery of free author interview podcasts with today’s hottest authors on my show, WINE WOMEN & WRITING. I’ve been known to throw lots of fun exclusive bonuses in as well: excerpts from upcoming work, mock-up covers, outlines, notes, and other behind-the-scenes goodies.

Why, you may ask, would I do this? I mean, you can do the math. I do better “retail.” 

The answer is easy: patronage smooths the dips in my writer and interviewer income and helps me continue my mission: promoting women, through blazing my trail for female writers (unique, and yet so similar to many other women writers), shining a light on the work of other women in literature and publishing, and supporting young women rescued from sex trafficking.

And you get . . . entertainment . . . to be part of the mission . . . books you would want to read anyway . . . interviews you’re interested in. If that sounds like a win-win to you, won’t you sign-up or level-up to my $3 level between Nov. 1 and 15, and stick with me though February? If so, http://bit.ly/PFHRockStars (case sensitive) is the link you need.

On the subject of promoting women in literature and publishing, here’s this week’s podcast, the fabulous Glenda Burgess, with SO LONG AS WE’RE TOGETHER.

Thank for reading. Thanks for considering my special offer. Thanks for being part of the mission and journey.

** or any other of my books that you would prefer–just message me through Patreon, and I’ll customize your reward, including one of my 2020 releases

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