I survived Bouchercon, the world’s biggest crime fiction event for readers, authors, and publishing-types. Yes, I was in introvert hell with 1700 people for 5 days, but I survived, thanks to more Drop Dead Red martinis than were good for me! And I met awesome people, fangirled a few of them, and recorded fourteen interviews for Wine Women & Writing.

Kim Black, author of The Little Black Dress Project mysteries

Becki Willis, author of A Case of Murder by Monte Carlo (Photo bomb by the irrepressible Kristine Hall of Lone Star Literary Life)

Kay Kendall, author of the Austin Starr Mysteries, and super reader Kay Tyler

Maura Weiler (Contrition), me, Patty Flaherty Pagan (Spider Road Press), Cynthia Swanson (The Bookseller), Gay Yellen (The Body Business)

Dea Poirier, author of Beneath the Ashes (before video casting)

All in all, it was great, and I’ll do another conference next year. But I did have a 5-day migraine.

I also turned in Snake Oil to my copyeditor, started recording the audio for Sick Puppy, produced a video trailer for Switchback, and started outlining Sawbones. Yeah, I’m chasing my tail, big time.

So I mentioned I recorded a bunch of interviews, here’s the first of the 14 new shows. Kendra Elliot, 9-time Wall Street Journal bestseller and #1 Amazon bestseller more times than I can count on my fingers, talked to me about her new crime fiction series, starting with THE LAST SISTER, why she has webbed feet, whether there will be more Mercy Kilpatrick, and her cool best friend and writing collaborator, Melinda Leigh. Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/authorsontheair/kendra-elliot-the-last-sister-on-wine-women-writing

And for a sneak peek at the Switchback trailer, click this link: https://youtu.be/VWiUdDAVIBA

Blessings, all.

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