Greetings from Sweden, where we have traveled to Gothenburg, Uppsala, Lidkoping, Varberg, and Sollebrun while we visit Eric’s oldest brother’s extended family.It’s been MARVELOUS.

Above, with Eric’s niece and her lovely family. (I know you’re jealous of my WARM icy pink jacket, which I got because it is 100% dark this time of year in Sweden—outside, inside, and clothing—and I don’t do dark.)

Eric thinks his brother and he married the same woman, at least from a personality perspective. She’s full-Scandinavian. I’m only 8%, according to 23andme. But if you count my 75% British-Irish-French-German PLUS the 8% Scandanavian, that’s a whole, whole lot of “of this area.” I’m going to claim full-on Viking status.We started by watching an episode of The Vikings last night.

What a great trip!

But with all to be grateful for about the family time on this trip, the one thing we are missing this week is being with the family we created on this Thanksgiving, as Thursday is our transition day back to the United States. We’ll be spending it with our friends and co-passengers on United Airlines instead. However, we will have each other, and for that we are grateful.

Have a blessed American Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you!

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