It’s audiobook recording week for Snake Oil, y’all. AKA, Dallas-apartment-hell. I have 5 short days to record, edit, and master 1 long book, while keeping the rest of the balls in the air. Send me good thoughts and a spring of pixie dust, k?

This week’s video cast/podcast (yes, I’m braying like a donkey in that picture with the awesome Susanna Calkins, when we were recording in Dallas at Bouchercon, the world’s largest crime fiction convention):

Before Dallas, we returned from Sweden for 36 hours in DeLeon, sneaking in some time with my parents and our youngest daughter, as well as the pups, kitties, and horses.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Other than to remind you that there’s still time to order the BRAND NEW Switchback as well as the BRAND NEW trilogy box sets (Katie, Emily, Michele, Maggie, & Ava!) as gifts.

Must get back to work.

p.s. Petey wants me to tell you all that he is experiencing severe emotional trauma in Dallas this week because his mom keeps yelling at him to stop snoring so she can record the narration for Snake Oil without dog sounds in the background!!!!!

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