Woo hoo! This has been a fun month of book stuff for me. The Katie Connell Trilogy box set shot into the top 100 (#64 peak) on Amazon, thanks to a promotion, and my two new Patrick Flint books are holding steading as well. Switchback hovers between 1500-3000 and Snake Oil is running between 7000-9000. Those are GREAT numbers, as is my author rank, which is now in the 200s, but has been holding pretty steady around 2000, which I am elated with.

Thank you guys! I know when good things happy, it’s because of a million micro-reasons. Actions or words of soooo many people. You are those people for me.

In the meantime, work on Patrick Flint #3, Sawbones, is going, dare I say, very well. I have one more week left on the first draft, and my beloved story partner, Eric the wonder-husband, finished his read and had such great ideas for enhancements.

This week we’re in in Somewheresville, our Dallas apartment, missing the horses and my parents and the crazy kittens and the big dogs. It’s a super place to get work done, though, and I’m going to do just that.

Here’s this week’s Wine Women & Writing show:

Texas authors Becki Willis and Pamela chat about characters and books that *could be real* (but Becki promises she’s never murdered anyone IRL) and her novel A CASE OF MURDER BY MONTE CARLO.


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