I haven’t posted in a good while, and so much has happened.

In the world and the U.S.: COVID-19, George Floyd’s death (and many others), peaceful protests, violent anarchy, fires, hurricanes, murder hornets, and so much more.

In my book world: the release of SAWBONES and SCAPEGOAT (I hope you’ll check them out), writing BIG HORN for my agent Joe Durepos, co-producing my first children’s book, POPPY NEEDS A PUPPY.

In my personal world: my husband retiring soon. Our permanent move to Wyoming. Our son and D-in-Law taking sanctuary from COVID with us there. The joy and guilty peace of running a guest lodge, which has turned into a sanctuary for families from their stressful urban lives.

I think of my friends and readers often in these weird times. I hope you all are well and stay that way.

Rather than inundate you with a bunch of catch-up pictures and narrative, I’ll just point you to the place I post them all: https://www.instagram.com/pamela_fagan_hutchins/ Trust me, Wyoming is still beautiful and so is my man. Ha ha.

I will share this super fun recent video event I did with the Pulpwood Academy online book club, featuring my story boarding partner and husband IRL Eric, and focusing on my Maggie Killian Texas-to-Wyoming romantic mysteries. I also talk about the Patrick Flint books, the new Jenn Herrington series, and my older series as well. And a lot more. Stalkers. Adventure. Embarrassing Eric stories. And more. Enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/pamela.hutchins/videos/10157708286903233/

There’s my proof of life. Give me yours with a quick email or comment, and let me know how you’re doing.



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