In a tough year like this, I still try to be grateful.

No doubt, this has been a crazy and difficult year. But yet there is so much to be thankful for. My husband Eric and I do a daily gratitude journal (no, I’m not kidding: 18 things daily we are grateful for in our lives, EVERY SINGLE DAY), and I think that intentional focus really adds to our ability to be happy, no matter the external forces. And, of course, it’s November, the month of gratitude, so I wanted to check in with mine….and yours…

1. No more political ads for the year!

2. My husband’s partial retirement.

3. Laylie Frazier’s illustrations and Tara Scheyer’s music for Poppy Needs a Puppy.

4. Our health, and my dad LIVING with his cancer.

5. The peace, beauty, and solitude of Wyoming and our Snowheresville.

6. Joyful guests to our Wyoming lodge.

7. Our five wonderful offspring, their significant others, the rest of our family, and time spent together.

8. That Patrick Flint has changed my life 🙂

9. Our crazy menagerie of animals.

10. That I only have one more book to write this year!!!! (Snaggle Tooth, Patrick Flint #5)

What are YOU thankful for?

If you’ve read this far (thank you!), I have 3 last things.

First, if you would like signed copies of any of my books to use as gifts this holiday season, just respond to this email and let me know what you need.

Second, if you’d like an advance copy (ebook) of the last novel I wrote—which won’t come out for a LONG time), I would be GRATEFUL if you quickly checked out my special offer on this video.

Lastly, I did a fun interview recently about Scapegoat, Poppy Needs a Puppy, and other random things (I never know what cr*p will come out of my mouth when the camera is turned on!!!), you can catch it HERE.

My blessings to you all,

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