Welcome to the world, STAG PARTY, the 6th mystery-adventure in the Patrick Flint series, available in ebook, paperback, LARGE PRINT, hardcover, and audio!

Think “Jack Ryan meets WIND RIVER.” Hint: this one has a little international intrigue finding its way into the mountains of Wyoming! This story starts with a ripped-from-real-life anecdote about Patrick getting bucked off a horse he is thinking about buying. I used it to get him to the ranch where the first murder in the book occurs. Or, make that murders. 

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on SEEKING FELICITY, which is available for pre-order in ebook form. It’s the long-awaited book 4 in the Katie Connell mysteries, part of the What Doesn’t Kill You super series.

I’ll be publishing BIG HORN soon, we just haven’t decided how or where yet. Maybe as early as December 1st. It combines a fun new cast with the current Maggie Killian characters and the Patrick Flint characters (who are aged-up appropriately!). When we publish it, I’ll let you know. It’s book 1 in a new series called The Wyoming Mysteries. Advance readers are pumped up about this one!!!

I’m supposed to be writing BLUE STREAK (Laura Sibley Begay #1) and STONE COLD IN STORY (A WDKY Ensemble Christmas Novella). That hasn’t been happening. There’s just soooo much to do! I promise, I work really hard. And, honestly, I have to write two others first:

  1. SITTING DUCK (Patrick Flint #7): Available for ebook pre-order.
  2. RED GRADE (The Wyoming Mysteries #2)

Maybe the problem is that my husband retired from his refining executive career to be full-time with me in Wyoming, where he runs our lodge, is working on translations of my novels into 6 additional languages, and works with my dad at my parents’ ranch. He’s a marvelous distraction. Or the problem could be the new puppy Sibley (Alaskan Malamute) we added to the pack this spring. Or the spinal surgery and near death experience our blind Boston terrier Petey had in June. Or the delightful repeat visit of our oldest son and daughter-in-law for the summer, since they are still able to office from…anywhere. Or even our excitement about the upcoming arrival of our first grandchild <3.

Sibley, at 9 months, kayaking on Sibley Lake in the Bighorn Mountains with Eric and me.

Whatever it is, I’ll keep trying to get those extra books written.

Blessings to you all, and enjoy STAG PARTY!

p.s. Thanks for your messages checking on my IRL dad aka fictionally as Patrick Flint, who is kicking cancer’s butt, now 2.5 years after his “3 months to live” diagnosis. Here’s a picture of him hiking on his WY ranch with our 3 Hutchins dogs.


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