Poppy Needs a Puppy: Free Companion Song Download!

Download your free companion song to the Poppy Needs a Puppy book, HERE. It will pull up this:


Click the … on the right, and then click download!

Want to listen right now? Press the play button below.

If you’d like to purchase the sheet music, you can get the PDF version for only $0.99, below at the Buy Now button.

(The first page looks like this)

Love the song? It was written by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and music teacher Tara Scheyer. She did it FREE, because she believed in this project: a book to help kids understand and love people and animals who are perfectly imperfect. You can learn more about Tara (and buy her CDs of children’s music) here.

And, finally, to order copies of the Poppy Needs a Puppy paperback in bulk for your classroom or group, contact eric at skipjackpublishing dot com.