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Pamela Fagan Hutchins

What Doesn't Kill You: The Complete Collection Volume 1—Ebooks (Katie Connell, Emily Bernal)

What Doesn't Kill You: The Complete Collection Volume 1—Ebooks (Katie Connell, Emily Bernal)

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Experience heart-pounding mystery and romance in the 'What Doesn’t Kill You' box set.

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Authored by the award-winning Pamela Fagan Hutchins, this collection bundles together seven complete novels from two thrilling series, offering you a captivating reading journey at an unbeatable price.

Delve into the complete Katie Connell Series as she trades her courtroom battles for the suspense of tropical mysteries. Can Katie find the truth behind her parents' cold and calculated deaths, or will she succumb to her personal demons? Will she discover love amidst the danger that lurks in the shadows of her new life?

Then journey with Emily Bernal in her own complete series as she swaps rodeo arenas for the gritty underworld of crime. Will Emily find the balance between her electrifying romance with her boss and the perilous investigations she takes on? Each novel is a dance of intrigue and passion, where love blossoms amidst the chaos.

Embark on these thrilling adventures, where love is as potent a force as the mysteries that ensnare our heroines. The 'What Doesn’t Kill You' box set will captivate your heart and thrill your senses with every turn of the page.

The 'What Doesn't Kill You' Complete Collection includes seven full-length novels across two complete series - over 3,000 pages of romantic mystery!

“Murder has never been so much fun!” — Christie Craig, New York Times Best Seller

“Irresistible.” — Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon Bestseller, My Sister’s Grave

What Amazon readers are saying about the Pamela‘s novels:


“Fair warning: clear your calendar before you pick it up because you won’t be able to put it down.”

“Hutchins is a master of tension.”

“Intriguing mystery . . . captivating romance.”

“Everything shines: the plot, the characters and the writing. Readers are in for a real treat.”

“Immediately hooked.”


“Fast-paced mystery.”

“Can’t put it down.”

“Entertaining, complex, and thought-provoking.”

“Murder has never been so much fun!”

“You’re guaranteed to love the ride!

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