Publicists, Publishers, and Authors: Wine Women & Writing/Mescal Men & Mystery

Appearing on the Show (Details and Instructions)

Time slots on the show are twenty to thirty minutes long and focus on the book and characterization, with preference for strong female characters and full-length fiction novels. Guests are chosen based on how Pamela gauges her audience’s interest-level in the book and author will be. Guests have the choice between audio-only or audio and video versions of the show. If a digital or audio copy of the book is provided in advance, reviews will be posted on Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, and one other site if requested. Reviews will be shared on social media. The show will be announced on this website and in a newsletter (20K opt-in subscribers).

Instructions will be sent to guests and/or their representatives approximately one week in advance of the show and are quite simple. It is highly recommended that guests provide their phone number in case of technical difficulty, and that they join the show 5-10 minutes in advance to iron out any technical issues.

After the show, it will be promoted via social media, newsletter, blog, and website with a 50k reach.


Email Pamela at PamelaFaganHutchins dot com with press kit and pitch. A fee is not charged for appearing on the show unless the author wants to remove sponsorships and mentions. See below.


Great for authors, publishers, publicists, reviewers/book bloggers, literary publications, editors, and other author service providers.

Sole sponsorship: $100 an episode; $300 for 5 episodes — includes branding in all promotions and postings as well as a minimum of three mentions during the show

Multi-sponsors: $50 an episode; $150 for 5 episodes — includes co-branding with other sponsors in all promotions and postings as well as a minimum of two mentions during the show

Mentions: $5 during show intro; $1 elsewhere during the show

Sponsor- and mention-free show: $100