The What Doesn’t Kill You Mysteries Mega Box Set: 55% off

Welcome, PFH Super Star newsletter subscribers! Did you know all of Pamela’s protagonists (Katie, Emily, Michele, Maggie, Ava, and Patrick Flint) are part of one big, inter-related series, called the What Doesn’t Kill You series? They are. So read them as standalone books, as trilogies, or binge the whole series, in any order you want. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can do that as part of your monthly subscription price at

But if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited monthly customer, here’s a chance to get them in one MEGA BOX SET at the best price by downloading the biggest set available, exclusive to my subscribers!

The WDKY MEGA Box Set includes the following Amazon bestsellers (click any title to go to the book’s individual page):

  1. Act One (free subscriber exclusive)
  2. Saving Grace (Katie 1, retail $4.99)
  3. Leaving Annalise (Katie 2, retail $4.99)
  4. Finding Harmony (Katie 3, retail $4.99)
  5. Heaven to Betsy (Emily 1, retail $4.99)
  6. Earth to Emily (Emily 2, retail $4.99)
  7. Hell to Pay (Emily 3, retail $4.99)
  8. Going for Kona (Michele 1, retail $4.99)
  9. Fighting for Anna (Michele 2, retail $4.99)
  10. Searching for Dime Box (Michele 3, retail $4.99)
  11. Buckle Bunny (Maggie Prequel 1, USA Today Bestseller, $2.99)
  12. Shock Jock (Maggie Prequel 2, retail $0.99)
  13. Live Wire (Maggie 1, retail $4.99)
  14. Sick Puppy (Maggie 2, retail $4.99)
  15. Dead Pile (Maggie 3, retail $4.99)
  16. Bombshell (Ava Butler Trilogy 1 (spin-off, R-rated: retail $4.99)
  17. Stunner (Ava Butler Trilogy 2, spin-off, R-rated: retail $4.99)
  18. Knockout (Ava Butler Trilogy 3, spin-off, R-rated: retail $4.99)
  19. Switchback (Excerpt of Patrick Flint Novel 1, spin-off, family friendly: retail $4.99)

With a total retail value of $68.83, you get the Mega set for only $29.99. All 15 novels, 2 novellas, 1 short story, and 1 excerpt for this unbelievable nearly 60% off discounted price!