You ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Surprise, surprise! You can now purchase the paperback of SWITCHBACK! Ebook and Audio coming in November. Please let me know what you think and leave a review online, if you would.

We’ve struggled mightily with branding and covers in Camp Pamela. I love my covers. They make ME happy. But in a world of thumb-nail sized ads on smart phones driving book purchases and reading choices, mine weren’t inspiring enough clicks, by the right readers. And with a “super series” of multiple protagonists, we also needed better series branding, to help make transition from one protagonists to another automatic for readers. We needed covers that screamed I AM A ROMANTIC MYSTERY WITH A KICK ASS FEMALE AMATEUR SLEUTH, like the bestsellers in the genre.


And we’d just updated them last spring, right before we threw ourselves wholeheartedly into the world of online advertising.

So Eric and I have pushed emotions (and financial OOMPH) aside and are in the process of recovering the What Doesn’t Kill You novels. We were really, really nervous and torn UNTIL we got the first mockups, from the two different cover artists we retained. Yes, two. Because we need to get this right! In different ways, they both nailed it.

So, very soon, we’ll be sharing them with you, before the rest of the world.


But not yet. Instead, I’ll let you in on a secret months in the works:

Eric and I are putting our beloved Nowheresville, Texas mini-ranch on the market in anticipation of making Snowheresville in Wyoming our primary abode. In case you’re keeping score, we will still have a work-base apartment in Dallas, and we’ve kind of made ourselves semi-permanent guests in my parents’ little barn apartment in DeLeon, TX. Time to simplify, albeit with mixed emotions. You only have to scroll back through this blog (or read one of my hilarious nonfiction books, like How to Screw Up Your Kids or How to Screw Up Your Marriage) to discover we lovingly picked the Nowheresville property, thinking we’d need to be near Houston long-term, then built the exact house we’d dreamed of. We scrolled love messages and affirmations for each other in Sharpie on the framing. We raised many, many goats, enjoyed our silly donkeys, and rode our houses with dogs traipsing along behind us all over the area. Even more, we made memories. Music, food, family, friends, animals, and adventures. I’ll cry like a baby when we pack it up, someday. Things I’ll miss: my screen porch office and its companion office “tent,” a structure Eric built (and re-built) so I could get away from connectivity, enjoy the outdoors, and gaze out over our livestock. The swim spa where we watched snowfall on our faces from the hot tub side, or the hours I walked on the swim side while reading on my Kindle. The enormous master bathroom closet. The huge two-shower head seamless glass shower and the corner hot tub beside it. The wall big enough for a big screen TV (don’t have one of those in Snowheresville). The mantel made from our own cedar tree. Our giant square dining room table that won’t come with us. The stairwell family photo gallery that Eric will have to recreate some day. The kitchen open onto the living room, with windows all across the back of the house so we could see out and down the hill. And the wildflowers in April and May. AMAZING.

With all that we love about Nowheresville, though, Wyoming stole our hearts, even with the extra long winter and snow. The house there is an income producer that can be run as a bed and breakfast. The animals. The views. The mountains. It does something to our hearts and souls that we can’t describe. And keeping both is too complicated and limits our most important options. We are blessed, too, that we have options. Like the work-apartment and the squat at my parents.

And there you have it. A chapter is closing. The listing goes up within the next few weeks. We hope to have a few opportunities to spend time there before it finds its next family.

Covers, the great-unknown of the future as a chapter close. Truly, you ain’t seen nothing yet!