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Pamela's books are available everywhere, in most formats (ebook, audiobook, paperback, large print, hardcover).


This is only a partial listing of the many places you can buy Pamela's books. And they're available worldwide, many of them in ten languages.

You can also buy Pamela's audiobooks directly from Audible (or Audible through Amazon). You may also request your library procure any of the formats for you and other patrons. Some bookstores will order Pamela's book for your direct purchase as well, but most will not carry them on their shelves.

If you buy directly from Pamela on this site, you'll received signed copies of the print books. They take about ten days to arrive—we aren't Amazon, this isn't Prime delivery ;-). 

Digital (ebook and audio) purchased directly from Pamela are delivered via email by Bookfunnel. They are not returnable and are nonrefundable.