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Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Skin and Bones (Patrick Flint #8): Signed LARGE PRINT

Skin and Bones (Patrick Flint #8): Signed LARGE PRINT

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Yellowstone meets INTO THIN AIR

Patrick Flint is about to make the most harrowing climb of his life.

When the body of Patrick's beautiful young climbing partner floats up dead in the creek behind the Flint home, rumors about the two of them explode, thrusting Susanne into the role of the woman scorned and the crosshairs of the police.

If he fails to summit, he may lose his life. And his wife.

The Flints' teenage kids get sucked into the turmoil, too, with Perry making decisions that could cost him his future, and Trish becoming entangled with two local thugs, just as a past love resurfaces in her life.

It's a race against time, a killer or killers unknown, and the mountain itself.

With their freedom at stake and a killer on their heels, Patrick and Susanne must learn to trust again, revisit old memories, and delve into secrets, all to unearth a treasure the likes of which tiny Buffalo, Wyoming has never known.

“Best books I’ve read in a long time!”

"Patrick rolled to his back, cradling his hand. The grade of the slope surprised him, and his roll extended to two, then three rotations. At that point, unfortunately, the ground dropped away to the creek, and his roll turned into a free fall. The sensation of air and gravity ended with a thump on the back of his head. The ringing of bells. Splashing. Wetness. Cold, over his body. On his face.
He was in Clear Creek.
Patrick spewed water from his mouth and rose to his elbows. He wasn’t sure what hurt worst. Hand. Head. His skin everywhere. He was aware of sounds like voices shouting as if they were outside a glass dome, with him on the inside. He’d figure them out in a second. But before he could do anything to remedy his current situation, something bumped into his leg.
It bumped him again.
And then a third time.
Moving slowly, he used his uninjured hand to support his ringing head and lifted it higher to see what was thumping him. Nothing that he could see. Not above the water anyway, which was only six inches deep. He strained, lifting further, and then he saw it. It was a log, or something like a log, floating but not floating. Half in, half out of the water. Long and narrow. With moss billowing around one end. Stubby branches halfway down its length.
That’s not moss, and that's not a log.
Crunched hand bones forgotten, Patrick scrambled to his knees for a closer look at the lifeless young woman in their backyard creek."
SKIN AND BONES is the eighth book in the Patrick Flint series of thrilling mysteries, a spin-off from the What Doesn't Kill You saga.

If you like C.J. Box or Craig Johnson, you will love USA Today Best Selling author Pamela Fagan Hutchins' Patrick Flint series. A former attorney, Pamela runs an off-the-grid lodge on the face of Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, living out the adventures in her books with her husband, rescue dogs and cats, and enormous horses.

What Amazon readers are saying about the Patrick Flint Mysteries:

“A Bob Ross painting with Alfred Hitchcock hidden among the trees.”
"Edge-of-your seat nail biter."
"Unexpected twists!"
"Wow! Wow! Highly entertaining!"
“A very exciting book (um... actually a nail-biter), soooo beautifully descriptive, with an underlying story of human connection and family. It's full of action. I was so scared and so mad and so relieved... sometimes all at once!”
“Well drawn characters, great scenery, and a kept-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat story!”
"Absolutely unputdownable wonder of a story."
"Must read!"
"Gripping story. Looking for book two!"
"Amazing and well-written read."
"Read it in one fell swoop. I could not put it down."

Snag SKIN AND BONES for a pulse-pounding adventure today!

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