Big Horn: The Story Behind the Story (and a few thanks!)

Agent Joe Durepos pitched me a story. “A Houston attorney and her husband—he could be an executive in the oil industry, or you could make it something more interesting, like a veterinarian—move to Wyoming and run a mountain B&B, where they have a menagerie of pets and she solves and writes mysteries.” 

I said, “Joe, that’s Eric and me.” 

He laughed. 

I said, “Joe, that’s narcissistic.” 

He said, “It’s the type of escape other people dream of. Can you write it?” 

Well, duh, of course I could. It’s my life, after all. Only, after I sat down to write it, it strayed some from the original blueprint. In a good way, I hope. 

The murder idea came from the actual log splitter in our actual “Snowheresville” (aka Big Horn Hideaway
) barn. I may or may not have based characters on real people I know 😉 And the setting is a little bit Snowheresville and a little bit make believe. 

Thanks for the idea, Joe. I was able to age up the Patrick Flint characters and draw them into the story and pull across What Doesn’t Kill You characters as well. There are already five more books planned for this series, if it turns out people like them and want me to keep going.

And yet there is more thanks to give . . .

Thanks to my dad for advice on all things medical. Love and hugs to my favorite kissin’ cousin (who is not really my cousin), Dr. Kristine “Rockey” Millikin for helping Aaron sound like a real vet. Thanks to Stu Healy and Ryan Healy for keeping me from screwing up Wyoming law. If I did, that’s on me, not you guys. 

Thanks to my husband, Eric, for brainstorming with and encouraging me and beta reading BIG HORN with me despite your busy work, travel, and workout schedule.  And for taking a chance on Wyoming and me.

Thanks to our five offspring. I love you guys more than anything, and each time I write a parent/child (birth, adopted, foster, or step), I channel you. I am so touched by how supportive you have been with Poppy, Gigi, Eric, and me.

Big Horn editing credits go to Karen Goodwin. You rock. A big thank you as well to my proofreading and advance review team. 

The biggest thanks, though, goes to my readers. It never ceases to amaze me that you read my novels, that your support has resulted in this mid-life career change that gives me so much joy. From the bottom of my heart, I offer you my gratitude. 

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