About Pamela and Her Books

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I’m a USA Today bestselling crime fiction author and a big horse and sled dog enthusiast. I'm published by Bookouture and independently, and my books are translated into ten languages.

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You can read my series in any order or as standalones, but they’re a lot of fun if you do them like this—and if you click the title, you'll get a copy of the book club questions for that book, too:

* The Deputy Delaney Pace Series, Books 1-3 (R): Her Silent Bones, Her Hidden Grave, Her Last Cry, Her Forgotten Shadow (October 2024)

* Patrick Flint Wyoming-based series (PG): Switchback, Snake Oil, Sawbones, Scapegoat, Snaggle Tooth, Stag Party, Sitting Duck, and Skin & Bones

* The Jenn Herrington Wyoming Mysteries (PG-13): BIG HORN and WALKER PRAIRIE (November 2024)

* The What Doesn’t Kill You Super Series:

1.Caribben-based Katie Connell (PG-13): Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise, Finding Harmony, and Seeking Felicity

2. Texas-based Emily Bernal (PG-13): Heaven to Betsy, Earth to Emily, Hell to Pay

3. Texas-based Michele Lopez Hanson (PG-13): Going for Kona, Fighting for Anna, Searching for Dime Box

4. Wyoming-based Maggie Killian (R, language): Live Wire, Sick Puppy, Dead Pile (plus shorts Buckle Bunny and Shock Jock)

5. Caribbean-based Ava Butler (R, sexual situations): Bombshell, Stunner, Knockout

I also have a children’s book featuring Poppy, the world’s best grandfather, and Petey, his blind Boston terrier. It's called Poppy Needs a Puppy. And I have nonfiction books about ... me... my family... parenting... pets... marriage... and more.

My hunky husband and I ride our beloved draft cross horses way up in the frozen north of Snowheresville, WY, where we run an off-the-grid lodge on the face of the Bighorn Mountains. We split time between there and our rustic cabin on Mooselookmeguntic (not a typo) Lake in Maine. When I’m not writing or riding, I’m passionate about wilderness sports (dog sledding, skijoring, bikejoring, hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and... well, everything), always with bear spray, a mountain lion knife, and my Judge. NO ANIMALS HAVE BEEN HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS LIFE ADVENTURE (but don’t sneak up on me).

I host the world-famous (possibly an overstatement) show, Crime & Wine, where I fangirl my favorite authors and interview them for your listening and viewing pleasure.

I’ve made some lists and won some awards, yada yada. Amazon Charts Top 25 bestseller. USA Today Bestseller. Amazon All Star. The Silver Falchion for Best Adult Mystery WINNER (Fighting for Anna), the WINNERS for USA Best Books Fiction: Cross Genre (Hell to Pay, Heaven to Betsy), and others. With books “in print” of over 3,000,000, readers seem to enjoy the books—I think they have exceptionally good taste. {insert goofy grin here} Lots of them follow my Crime & Wine show, too. Subscribe free at  Crime & Wine: Novelist Chats with Pamela Fagan Hutchins

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