Collection: The What Doesn't Kill You Super Series: All Formats

"Irresistible.” — Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon Bestseller, My Sister’s Grave

“Murder has never been so much fun!” — Christie Craig, New York Times Best Seller

Thousands and thousands of reviews, with an overall series star rating of 4.5 and 3 million "in print." Available in ebook, audio, and paperback.

The What Doesn't Kill You super series of romantic mysteries  features smart, capable women who solve whatever problems—including a few dead bodies—life throws at them as they navigate their unique but interconnected journeys of friendships, romance, career, families, and more, with humor and a thread of everyday magic, from USA Today bestselling author Pamela Fagan Hutchins.

The Complete Katie Connell Series: Katie Connell is a train wreck. When we meet her, she’s a deeply flawed, control freak of a Texas attorney who needs to grow the heck up. In love with a man who doesn’t love her back. A big fan of bloody Marys, she’s lost her parents and has only her best friend Emily and her brother Collin left in her corner. But damn if she isn’t lovable and relatable and oh-so-funny . . . Her adventures take her from Texas to the Caribbean in Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise, Finding Harmony, and Seeking Felicity. Plus novella Wasted in Waco, a series prequel.

The Complete Emily Bernal Trilogy: Emily Bernal is a former barrel racer and rodeo queen whose marriage ends disastrously, sending her back to her conservative West Texas home town with her tail between her legs. We first met her as Katie’s stateside best friend and paralegal. She’s reckless, guileless, and a completely hot mess who stars in Heaven to Betsy, Earth to Emily, and Hell to Pay, in Texas and New Mexico.

The Complete Michele Lopez Hanson Trilogy: Michele Lopez Hanson is a lawyer-turned-editor-turned author, a triathlete, and a pint-size pit bull. She faces a new life she didn’t want with a broken heart and two teenagers who are counting on her. She’s Katie’s Baylor Law School roommate, and her books are Going for Kona, Fighting for Anna (the 2017 winner of the Silver Falchion for Best Mystery), and Searching for Dime Box, set in Texas.

The Complete Maggie Killian Trilogy: Maggie Killian is a smart-mouthed, tough-on-the-outside junker recovering from her old life as an alt-country rocker. And it’s that old life that’s out to get her now that she has her new one together. Maggie is Michele’s best friend, and, she causes trouble from Texas to Wyoming in Live Wire, Sick Puppy, and Dead Pile, as well as prequels Buckle Bunny (a USA Today bestseller) and Shock Jock. Caution: R-rated for language.

The Complete Ava Butler Trilogy: Oh, Ava, Ava, Ava. Katie’s island best friend and singing partner, Ava Butler is a single mom with aspirations of stardom. She’s also sexy, sassy, and secretly wounded and vulnerable. Caution: If you prefer your books family friendly, then Ava’s not your girl. Maybe move on to the Patrick Flint series instead (very family friendly and are written from the perspective of Patrick, his Southern wife Susanne, their teenage daughter Trish, and their son Perry). The Ava novels are definitely R-rated, and for that reason, this trilogy is more of a spin-off to the series than part of it. But if you like sexy, you’ll love her in Bombshell, Stunner, and Knockout, in the Caribbean, New York, and beyond.