Collection: The Katie Connell Series: All Formats

In this riveting and hilarious series, tightly wound attorney Katie moves to the Caribbean in hopes of finding serenity by the sea. But trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes — and her tropical home soon becomes the site of one eerie murder after another. . .

Available in ebook, paperback, or audio. The Katie Connell novels are the first 4 books in the What Doesn't Kill You Super Series.

Katie Connell is a train wreck. When we meet her, she’s a deeply flawed, control freak of a Texas attorney who needs to grow the heck up. In love with a man who doesn’t love her back. A big fan of bloody Marys, she’s lost her parents and has only her best friend Emily and her brother Collin left in her corner. But damn if she isn’t lovable and relatable and oh-so-funny . . . Her adventures take her from Texas to the Caribbean in Saving GraceLeaving AnnaliseFinding Harmony and Seeking Felicity.

Saving Grace (1): Texas attorney Katie Connell’s career just melted down before her eyes. After very public failure during a doomed celebrity trial and a heart-wrenching breakup, she retreats to the tropical island where her parents tragically died. But when she arrives, it becomes obvious that her parents’ supposed accident was cold and calculated. Can Katie pick up the pieces of her life and solve her parents’ murder as part of her fresh new start?

Leaving Annalise (2): Katie's new life in St. Marcos is cruising right along. She’s got a restaurateur boyfriend, a singing venture with her best friend, and a new streak of sobriety. Even better, she’s purchased a rainforest home that came complete with a centuries-old house ghost. With her legal career well behind her, she's hopeful her new chapter will lead her to happiness. But when a man from her past enters the picture, a murder in her boyfriend's restaurant and a child in need throw everything into chaos. Can she make the right choice without slipping back into the destructive ways of the past?

Finding Harmony (3): Katie is happy and living the island life on St. Marcos. Just when she thinks life is settling down with her dream man and their gorgeous children, they learn a stranger died at the front gate of their jumbie house. After the victim's well-connected employer hires Katie and Nick to investigate, they discover a horrifying secret about the place they call home. Before Katie can process the information, her husband doesn't return home one night. Can Katie track down her husband alone before his trail goes cold, or will powerful forces at work send her to an early grave?

Seeking Felicity (4): The long-awaited 4th installment in the Katie Connell romantic Caribbean mystery series brings back certified hot mess Katie, her sexy husband Nick, her jumbie house Annalise, and the rest of the gang for an exotic, suspense-filled island thriller with plenty of laughs and all the feels.