Collection: The Michele Lopez Hanson Series: All Formats

A trio of murder mysteries so heartfelt and real, you'll lose yourself in the world of Michele Lopez Hanson and her fight to protect her family and reclaim herself.


Available in ebook, paperback, or audio. The Michele Lopez Hanson novels are books 8-10 in the What Doesn't Kill You Super Series.

"Full of heart, humor, vivid characters, and suspense.”

Going for Kona (1): When Michele Lopez Hanson quit her law practice to become an author, she was looking forward to spending more time with her triathlete husband and her teen kids. But when a tragic biking accident claims her husband’s life, she pledges to honor his memory by competing in the Ironman he’ll never finish. Her focus on the race leaves little time for her children, but when her son is accused of murder, she has no choice but to get off the bike seat long enough to track down the real killer. With the race fast approaching and the charges against her son heating up, can she cross the finish line and hold her family together or will everything she loves crash and burn?

Fighting for Anna (2): With her kids away for the summer, widow Michele struggles with her solitude. When her neighbor Gidget asks her to document her career in the art world, Michele is eager for the company. But their trek down memory lane turns into a missing person search when Gidget dies and leaves behind a will that tasks Michele with finding her long-lost love child. When she learns the murderous truth behind Gidget’s death and is named the prime suspect, Michele realizes any one of the grieving artists and collectors could be the love child's mystery father or her neighbor's killer. To complete the memoir and clear her name, Michele must discover the ugly motives behind the picture-perfect murder before she joins her friend six-feet-under.

Searching for Dime Box (3): After months spent writing her true crime novel, Michele reconnects with her community by offering pro-bono legal counsel. When an open-and-closed drug case takes an unexpected turn, she’s determined to shake off the rust until a mysterious sickness sends her infant grandson to the hospital. Searching for the source of his illness, she discovers strange parallels between her case and the baby’s suspected poisoning. Michelle's investigation is blocked at every turn, and she realizes the sinister cover-up goes far deeper than she ever imagined. To save her grandson, she must connect the dots and expose the culprits before the deadly sickness claims another victim.