The Story Behind the Story of DETECTIVE Delaney Pace: Start With the Real Thing

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When it comes to creating a fictional law enforcement world, you have to start with the real thing. Unfortunately, I have no personal experience in law enforcement, and at first I balked when Bookouture asked me to write it.

Then I phoned a friend. I am so lucky to have Police Chief Travis Koltiska of Sheridan, Wyoming in my corner for this. (Pictured above with his wife Mandy, dressed for Halloween as Yellowstone's Beth and Rip) A fourth generation native of Wyoming (with his kids the fifth generation like Delaney), Travis is a bit larger than life. I know him as the generous guy with the heart for his family and animals, a big laugh, and endless stories, but trust me that you would not want to be the perp who faces him! Which is ironic since we met him through his wife after my husband accidentally broke into a house she was listing for sale. (It’s a long story that ends in years of friendship, and I swear, it was an accident!)

I’ve included anecdotes, quotes, history, and ideas from Travis in many books. I even have a Deputy Travis who shows up from time to time in several interconnected Wyoming series. This time, he took it a step further and acted as my beta reader and coach. Any mistakes are mine alone. He improved the book immeasurably and put up with dumb questions in texts all hours of the day and night. Please email Travis some love through me as I am praying he wants to continue in this role!!

Thanks, Travis, for your friendship and your help. Without your support, I would never have had the courage to write detective Delaney Pace.

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