The Story Behind the Story of SAWBONES: It all starts with a laugh

It’s time for you to learn what drove SAWBONES. 


When a killer threatens his family before their testimony in a capital murder trial, Patrick Flint will do anything to keep them safe.

What is real in SAWBONES?

The hilarious doctor of the day story in the opening few chapters, minus the murder. Oh, my dad. For someone so strong, smart, and capable, he does the goofiest things!

What is not?

Everything else except for Trish’s horrible attitude!

Where did the murder plot come from?

Eric and I started with the ending—can’t spoil that for you, but suffice it to say that it was inspired by a nickname given to Dr. Flint—and worked our way back from there to its inevitable (or so it felt to us) inception with the murder of a judge’s wife at a ski lodge, witnessed (in part) by Perry, thus putting the entire Flint family at risk.

And about those nicknames…

All my growing up years, my father had a friend named Roger who teased him, called him a variety of nicknames, and once made a wood-burned sign for him that featured old rusty pliers wired on and the words “Nurse, hand me the whatchamacallit.” When Wes Braten calls Patrick Sawbones, I think of Roger.

What’s next for the Flint family?

SCAPEGOAT. And in it, I return to something I did in SNAKE OIL: bringing the Texas family up for disastrous Wyoming visits. In real life, I think our family actually enjoyed vacations to the Cowboy state. But in the books? Not so much!

Pick up a copy of SAWBONES, along with the rest of the series.

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