The Story Behind the Story of SPARK: the Fire Starter

Today, I’m covering the story of the story behind SPARK—which you can only get by subscribing to my newsletter HERE (and it’s free).


When Patrick Flint mixes football with fire on Thanksgiving Day, it may take an entire county to keep him from burning down the Bighorn National Forest.

What is real in SPARK?

  1. Thanksgiving day was for family, faith, food, and football…but that my father NEVER just sat around and waited for the game or the meal. There was always a project, and he could always find a way to put us to work.
  2. My dad is infamous for out-of-control fires!!! For that matter, my husband has had a doozy or two on our properties. My dad’s most notorious fire occurred about a decade ago in Texas. He had a lot of help putting it out, and I think he made all of his neighbors nervous and a little unhappy with him. My recollection is that he was burning Christmas paper and boxes. The story has a happy ending in that, while he burned down about sixty acres, all of it was on his property and didn’t involve any structures. No one in the family is ever going to let him live this one down, including me, hence…SPARK.

Why a short story?

I wanted something I could give to newsletter subscribers who had found me through the Patrick Flint books. All my other starter library stories come from the What Doesn’t Kill You World. So, there you go, PF fans! <3

Can you buy it?

Nope :-D! Subscribers only.

Where does it fit in the Patrick Flint timeline?

Consider Spark as #1.5. It happens two months after SWITCHBACK and one month before SNAKE OIL. An epilogue of sorts to SWITCHBACK!

Will you do any more of these?

If I have time. No promises. I have an idea for a Patrick Flint novella that is a prequel to SWITCHBACK, but I have a What Doesn’t Kill You Christmas novella to write first.

What’s next for the Flint family?

STAG PARTY. In Snaggle Tooth, Perry endured a tragedy. I think next it will be Trish’s turn. Uh oh…

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