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BIG HORN (Jenn Herrington Wyoming Mystery #1): Signed Paperback

BIG HORN (Jenn Herrington Wyoming Mystery #1): Signed Paperback

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Nora Roberts meets Yellowstone in this brand new must read series from USA Today bestselling author Pamela Fagan Hutchins.

When an investment guru turns up dead in the septic tank behind her husband’s new Wyoming lodge, Jennifer must put the campaign that could make her the youngest ever female district attorney in Houston on hold to defend the well-lubricated lodge caretaker, or he’ll go down for a murder she’s convinced he didn’t commit.

Prosecutor Jennifer Herrington has it all in Texas, until her husband Aaron falls for a ramshackle lodge on the face of the ruggedly beautiful Bighorn Mountains. But before he can sell her on a new life in the cowboy state—one filled with pets and kids, where he’ll trade his fancy veterinary clinic for a simple country practice, and she’ll write the murder mystery she’s always dreamed of—they find a prominent local man in the septic tank, a knife in his temple, long past saving. As an early fall blizzard hits, deputies zero in on George, the caretaker, and not just because the lookalike victim is his sworn enemy and the ex-husband of George’s deceased wife: George is covered in blood with no memories of the night before.

Despite the evidence (and lack of working plumbing at the lodge) and nightmares about a childhood trauma in Wyoming that she can't remember, Jennifer feels a connection to George, a man who saves baby skunks, rescues feral cats, and is besotted with the incontinent old dog who was also stabbed and left for dead by the killer. But, even so, when George asks for her help and Aaron begs her to stay, no one is more shocked than Jennifer when she agrees to take the case and search for the real murderer —at least until she can find a replacement lawyer for George and get back to the bright lights of her real life in the big city.

Bonus for fans of other PFH series: watch for strong appearances by crossover characters from What Doesn't Kill You and Patrick Flint.

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Buy Big Horn for a fast-paced, thrilling Wyoming mystery full of adventure and suspense!

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