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Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Switchback (Patrick Flint #1): Signed Paperback

Switchback (Patrick Flint #1): Signed Paperback

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Fans of Yellowstone and Joe Pickett will love this riveting mystery set in 1970s Wyoming

All Patrick Flint wants is a peaceful getaway in the Wyoming mountains. He’s grown weary of the bicentennial celebrations, the angry families of patients, the rash of campers coming down from the mountains high on speed, and the midnight call-outs to cover for the town veterinarian.

But Flint’s family vacation takes a horrifying turn when his daughter Trish disappears—along with their camp, horses, and truck. Is she a runaway, or has she been kidnapped? The answer lies deep in the wilds of the mountains. And with a storm threatening to wipe out any trace of her, Flint must embrace his inner warrior, navigate treacherous terrain, and confront a deadly threat. With his family fragmented and time running out, it’s a desperate, heart-pounding race to rescue his daughter before the wilderness swallows her whole.

What Amazon readers are saying about the Patrick Flint Mysteries:

“A Bob Ross painting with Alfred Hitchcock hidden among the trees.”
"Edge-of-your seat nail biter."
"Unexpected twists!"
"Wow! Wow! Highly entertaining!"
“A very exciting book (um... actually a nail-biter), soooo beautifully descriptive, with an underlying story of human connection and family. It's full of action. I was so scared and so mad and so relieved... sometimes all at once!”
“Well drawn characters, great scenery, and a kept-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat story!”
"Absolutely unputdownable wonder of a story."
"Must read!"
"Gripping story. Looking for book two!"
"Amazing and well-written read."
"Read it in one fell swoop. I could not put it down."

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