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Pamela Fagan Hutchins

WALKER PRAIRIE (Jenn Herrington Wyoming Mystery #2): Ebook

WALKER PRAIRIE (Jenn Herrington Wyoming Mystery #2): Ebook

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When former prosecutor and mystery writer Jenn Herrington's veterinarian husband Aaron is summoned to examine new performance horses at Big Horn, Wyoming’s WP Bar Ranch, he discovers the obnoxious California owner dead in his Jaguar at the bottom of a sheer, icy roadside cliff. Deputies arrest their beloved friend and contractor Black Bear Betty, whose tractor left tire tracks up to the cliffside, and whose disgruntlement with Glen is no secret.

Unlicensed in Wyoming, Jenn enlists the aid of Kid James—a painfully youthful and inexperienced local attorney whose distracting crush on Denee Hopkins has the hots for Aaron—to represent Black Bear Betty. Jenn has her own distractions: her writer’s block on her next Wyoming Mystery for her agent, and her obsession with proving former prosecutor Alfred "Pootie" Carputin is the man responsible for the nightmares and issues that have sent her to a chaplain to work through the traumatic memories of a school shooting when she was only four. 

Jenn and Kid find no shortage of suspects in Glen’s death but can’t get past the damning evidence against Black Bear Betty, until the Herringtons take a dog sled and glamping getaway into Walker Prairie. Far from civilization and help, what they encounter there make for the best weekend of their life . . . or their last.

Bonus for fans of other PFH series: watch for strong appearances by crossover characters from What Doesn't Kill You and Patrick Flint.

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Buy WALKER PRAIRIE for a fast-paced, thrilling Wyoming mystery full of adventure and suspense!

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